Waterbeach Brass

A fun and friendly second section band in Cambridgeshire

Waterbeach Brass Players

Solo cornetsJohn Harrison (section principal)
Rob Turnbull
Hannah Bye
Lucas Mahal
Soprano cornetNigel Armstrong
Repiano cornetElanor Ward
Back row cornetsJohn Williams
Keith Blomerley
Tom Holroyd
Sam Frakes
Graham Story
Flugel hornPam O'Connor
Tenor hornsJohn Butcher
Sarah Partridge
Sonia Cornwell
Dave Pell
EuphoniumsDave Amann
Ben Underwood
Baritone hornsCharlotte Wood
Hannah Felstead
Juliet Clark
Jim Pringle
Josh de Gromoboy
Charlotte Manser
Eb bassesJohn Garbutt
Ruth Coleman
Carl Rolfe
Bb bassesRichard Dean
Cliff Davies
PercussionFelicity Lewis
Tim Glover

Please note: this is not an exhaustive list of paid-up members of the band.
It is indicative of the personnel who are currently playing with us.

Are you interested in playing with us? Do get in touch... Contact us.

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